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As most of you know, I am Aven, a Fashion Stylist and Personal Shopper based in London.

I am always asked by family, friends and colleagues "What should I be wearing this month?", "Where should I be shopping?" and "Do you have any tips or tricks for this?". I traipse up and down Oxford street, search the web and style photoshoots. From high end to high street, I search out hidden gems and interpret trends, so I thought why not compose a monthly email and share these treasures with you!

Firstly, here are five promises from me and a taste of what you can expect in my edits henceforth!

I promise to only show up once a month, at lunch time, on the last Friday of every month - Pay day for many, daydream hour for all and I will be making sure you treat yourself wisely!

I promise to consider each one of you and include something for everyone. You are a diverse group of women, in appearance, age, vocation and even location!

I promise to only suggest and recommend carefully selected pieces of quality. Things that will compliment your wardrobe and will go the distance.

I promise to listen. If you would like me to discuss and dissect any particular occasion, dress code, style, colour... Let me know!

And last but very far from least, I promise to always make this a fun, enjoyable yet topical and informative read.

Without further ado, let me bring Oxford Street and beyond, to your inbox!

This month, while shopping for a shoot, I discovered OUTLINE LONDON

Here is a snapshot of my favourites...

Safe to say, I am obsessed! They describe themselves as "Contemporary, Considered and Directional" The dream, am I right? Their collection is perfectly curated (ie. you won't lose DAYS scrolling), full of unique pieces and at the core of the brand is design and quality!

Next month, expect a much meatier edit, I just had to get the intro in this time! I hope you have enjoyed this brief welcome.

A x

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