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Finally, The Best Fashion Season of the year has arrived...

Autumn is without a doubt the dreamiest and most exciting sartorial time of the year.

Why? Well, let me make my case...

1. It is the natural time of the year to invest. New coats, New Boots, New layers... Let's go Shopping!

2. It is time to start layering our clothing, adding interest and texture, making each look completely unique. And we don't have to worry about the practicality of our layers, its not too hot or too cold (until you jump on the London Tube of course).

3. It is a Fabric Frenzy. After living all summer in light weight materials mainly cotton and linen, I cannot wait to get my hands on all the faux furs jackets, leather trousers and skirts, wool jumpers, Brocade dresses and so much more.

4. And last but far from least, the rich deep colour palette that comes with it, always warm and flattering, with small tweaks year on year.

This year, however, London Fashion Week presented a bright & bold take on the classic AW colours we know. We saw courageous, confident shades of red, yellow, green, orange and blue. But neutrals still played a vital role in creating the foundation of the style.

So this month I have done things a bit differently. Firstly focusing on the must have coat, in colours that will transcend the season. Then I have explored the new colours of AW19 to show you, what to look for, where to get it and how to wear it!

AW19 Coats Faux Fur Animal Print £169 Mango, Navy Patent Coat £110 Weekday, Oversized Cream Coat £89.99 Reserved, Burgundy Wool Coat £99.99 H&M, Belted Brown Wool Coat £139.99 Mango,Trench Coat £199 Rejina Pyo.

Pink Pink Roll Neck £27 And other Stories, Wool Pink Jacket £165 And Other Stories

Green Green over the Knee Boots £119 Zara, Green Wool Roll Neck £45 Arket

Orange Animal Print Chunky Knit £115 Arket, Orange Bag £34.99 Reserved

Red Red Boots £175 Jigsaw Red Roll Neck £19.50 M&S, Red Bag £25 Topshop

I hope this has softened your end of summer blues and fuelled your excitement for the new season.

I personally CANNOT WAIT!

Til next month,

A x

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