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Its to dye for...

What was once reserved for Surfers and Yogi's has now been re-worked into stunning dresses, skirts, bags... the options are endless! 

In 2020 Tie Dye is Poised, Elegant and Chic!

As things haven't quite returned to normal yet and I have some time on my hands, I am going to be experimenting with Tie Dying various things over the next month. I will be using Dylon Hand Dyes (and maybe some bleach 👀) and choosing smarter shapes made from natural materials (cotton, linen..). Join me in this experiment, I would love to see your results and I will share mine with you all next month - Wish me luck!

And if you don't fancy a bit of DIY, here are my favourite painterly styles around now!

Green Tie Dye Dress£31.20 Red Herring,Orange & Pink Dress£95 & Other Stories,Orange Shopper£29 Urban Outfitters,Pink Shirt£40 Weekday, Pink Shorts£30 Weekday, Black & White Tee £48 Second Female,Orange & Black Maxi Dress£ 110 Ninety Percent,Orange & Turquoise Slip Dress£25 New Look,Black & White Dress£42 Next,Velvet Skirt£77 Free People,No Problemo Sweatshirt£185 Aries,Pink Hat£12.60 Topshop

Yellow Skirt£83.99 Hosbjerg,Light Tie Dye Jean£139 Berenice,Black & White Tie Dye Jean£40 Weekday,Blue & White Playsuit£34.98 Gap,Black Large Bag£24.99 Reserved,Blue Denim Jacket£100 3.1 Phillip Lim,Light Blue Jeans£139 Max&Co,Light Blue Jacket£179 Max&Co,Pink Bag£29 Urban Outfitters

Give it a go, in Todays World,

Maybe We All Need a Little Splash of Colour!

Til next month,

A x


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