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Are you looking for a sign?

Who found a new love for running or home gyming during quarantine?

Who feels they are well rested and are now gearing up to make some moves?

Who is searching for a little push and some extra motivation to get in the mood?

And who is just delighted that the gyms have finally opened up?

Maybe you are a bit of each! I think I went through all the lockdown phases, from 'wow I have so much time to work out' to 'I hate this, let's open another bottle of wine!' - Balance!

But now I am welcoming the gym back into my life with open arms for so many reasons, routine, social interaction, for dopamine, serotonin… the list goes on!

I am also trying to only make absolutely necessary purchases while everything is still quite uncertain and I have conveniently ruined all my active wear by running around fields with my furpal Archie!


So as I am not buying a whole lot right now, I was really looking forward to this little splurge on some necessary activewear but as I hit the high street I found myself frustrated, parting ways with money, for to be honest, pretty boring basic gym gear.

But after a lot of hunting I did find some great styles and not in the most expected places, so below I have pulled together a few of my favourites to share with you!

Net Multi Tee £69 Max&Co, Patch Multi Bag £189 Max&Co, Pink Sports Bra £38 Triumph, Blue Zip up £165 & Blue Trouser £109 Both Max&Co Navy Leggings £35 Arket, Orange Bra £55 & Orange Leggings £86 Both Varley, Green Shorts £29.99 Oysho, Black & White Vest £15 M&S, Green Jacket £24.99 Reserved, Green Trainers £39.99 Oysho, Black Net Top £29.99 Gap, Floral Bra £35 & Floral Leggings £55 Both Arket

Tiger Stripe Bralette £14.99 Tiger Stripe Shorts £9.99 Both HM, Silver Bag £77 Max&Co, Cap £12.99 Zara, Grey Long Sleeve £19.50 M&S, Ombre Leggings £19.99 H&M, Green Track Sweatshirt £39.99 & Green Tracksuit Bottom £35.99 Both Oysho, Swim Top £22.99 & Swim Bottom £17.99 Both Oysho, Black Swimsuit £19.99 H&M, Blue Leggings £49.99 & Blue Bra £29.99 Both Cos, Graphic Sweatshirt £ 59 Max&Co

So whether you needed inspiration or motivation, I hope this has served as both!

Nothing quite motivates me to work out like a new outfit! 

(If you haven't tried this method, I highly recommend it)

Til next month,

A x

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